Soft condensed materials group

Dr. Tao Li
Principal Investigator
Wenzhou institute, UCAS

Soft materials formed by different fluids exhibit unique properties and functions, which therefore can be used widely in food products, cosmetics and drug delivery systems. Currently, most soft materials are essentially a class of three-component system, which contain one continuous phase, one dispersed phase, and necessary stabilizers to keep the system kinetically stable. Although more complex systems have been achieved previously, precise temperature control and limitations on the material volume are difficult to overcome. More importantly, material geometry and composition, to some extent, determine their properties and functions, but controlling their microstructures precisely is still a technically intractable problem.

Our group focuses on the creation and applications of complex soft materials. The fundamental researches mainly involve the mechanisms of “phase separation” in multiple-phase systems; high internal-phase emulsions with complex microstructures; and three-continuous systems formed by low molecular-weight liquids. Further study will combine our achievements with optical techniques, e.g., using spectrum to study the phase behavior in various soft systems, and with biological processes, like the mechanisms of “phase separation” in cells, as well as the formation secrets of non-membranous organelles.

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