Shen Jianliang's Group

Dr. Jianliang Shen
Principal Investigator
Wenzhou institute, UCAS
Tel: +86-577-88017536

Presently, there are 9 staff members in the lab, and from University of California San Diego, University of Hong Kong, the Johns Hopkins University, Houston Methodist Research Institute, Nanjing University, Nankai University and other famous universities; They are focus on different subject backgrounds, such as chemistry, materials science, analysis and molecular biology, and have rich research experience in the corresponding field. Take advantage of the intersection of nanomaterials technology and multidisciplinary advantages to solve the challenges and bottlenecks faced by cancer and other diseases in medical diagnosis and other fields.

Research Interests
1) Intelligent nanomaterial delivery gene drug system

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2) Biomedical tissue engineering

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3) Cooperative treatment of nano-drugs

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4) Construction and application of integrated nanomaterials for diagnosis and treatment

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