Biosensor and wearable device group

Dr. Yi Wang
Principal Investigator
Wenzhou institute, UCAS
Tel: +86-577-88017535

2004-2007  MSc. Southeast University, China
2007-2010  PhD. Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany
2010-2011  Scientist, AIT-Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Vienna, Austria
2011-2015  Research Fellow, Nanyang Technological University
2015-present Wenzhou Institute, UCAS; Wenzhou Medical University

Grants and awards
2019-2021 Zhejiang Province Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (LR19H180001)
2017 Zhejiang Province 1000 Talents Plan
2017-2020 National Key Research and Development Project(2017YFC0111300)
2017-2019 National Natural Science Foundation of China (21605116)
2016-2019 Public Projects of Zhejiang Province (2017C33193)
2017-2018 Public Projects of Wenzhou (Y20160065)

Research Interests:
1. Optical biosensors and cellular imaging based on surface plasmon, surface enhanced Raman scattering and plasmon-enhanced fluorescence
2. Electrochemical biosensors based on nanomaterials and flexible materials
3. Optical and electrical sensor devices, including on smartphone, wearable devices and research instruments

Selected Publications:
1. HT Zheng, HL Bui, S Chakroborty, Y Wang*, CJ Huang*, PEGylated metal-phenolic networks for antimicrobial and antifouling propertiesLangmuir, 2019, 35, 8829-8839.
2. P. Chen, X. Liu, N.T. Tran, JCS. Ho, Y. Wang, D. Aili, B. Liedberg, Nanoplasmonic Sensing from the Human Vision Perspective, Analytical Chemistry, 2018. DOI: 10.1021/acs.analchem.8b00597
3. Zhang J, Khan I, Zhang Q, Liu X, Dostalek J, Liedberg B, Wang Y,* Lipopolysaccharides detection on a grating-coupled surface plasmon resonance smartphone biosensor Biosensors and Bioelectronics 2018, 99, 312-317.
4. Z Xie, Z Cao, Y Liu, Q Zhang, J Zou, L Shao, Y Wang*, J He, M Li*, Highly-sensitive optical biosensor based on equal FSR cascaded microring resonator with intensity interrogation for detection of progesterone molecules Optics Express 2017, 25 (26), 33193-33201.
5. Zhang Q., Wu L., Wong T.I., Zhang J., Liu X., Zhou X., Bai P., Liedberg B., Wang Y.,* Surface plasmon-enhanced fluorescence on Au nanohole array for prostate-specific antigen detection, International Journal of Nanomedicine, 2017, 12, 2307-2314.
6. C.-T. Yang, L. Wu, X.H. Liu, N.T. Tran, P. Bai, B. Liedberg, Y. Wang,* B. Thierry,* Exploiting surface plasmon enhanced light scattering for the design of ultrasensitive biosensing modality. Analytical Chemistry 2016, 88 (23), 11924–11930
7. X.H. Liu,# Y. Wang,# P. Chen, A. McCadden, A. Palaniappan, J. Zhang, B. Liedberg, Peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles with optimized particle size and concentration for colorimetric assay development - detection of cardiac troponin I. ACS Sensors 2016, 1 (12), 1416-1422 (2016).
Y. Wang,* L. Wu, T.I. Wong, M. Bauch, Q. Zhang, J. Zhang, X. Liu, X. Zhou, P. Bai, J. Dostalek, B. Liedberg, Directional fluorescence emission co-enhanced by localized and propagating surface plasmons for biosensing. Nanoscale 2016, 8: 8008-8016.

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