Tumor Selective Metabolic Reprogramming as a Prospective PD-L1 Depression Strategy to Reactivate Immunotherapy
Currently, the role of the lysosome, endoplasmic reticulum, or dictyosome in the transcription and translation of
Defective molybdenum-based nanoplatform modulates NIR-II enhance sonodynamic for anti-infective therapy
Recently, Prof Jianliang Shenand Jong Seung Kimacademician have developed a defective molybdenum-based nanoplatform
Air-Permeable electrode for highly sensitive and noninvasive glucose monitoring enabled by graphene fiber fabrics
Developing wearable and noninvasive electrochemical devices without intrusive inconvenience or risk of infection is desirable for diabetes diagnostics and management Their adoptions are restricted by the poor reliability due to diluted glucose den
Smart Contact Lens with Dual-Sensing Platform for Monitoring Intraocular Pressure and Matrix Metalloproteinase-9
Recently, Wang’s group constructed a dual-function optical contact lens sensor to achieve non-invasive detection of intraocular pressure (IOP) and biomolecules The related research result was published in Advanced Science under the title of Smart Co
Novel biohybrid spongy scaffolds for fabrication of suturable intraoral graft substitutes
Sufficient intraoral gingival tissues around natural teeth or dental implants help to protect underlying alveolar bone At present, the classic treatment to augment inadequate gingival tissues is the application of autologous connective tissues fr
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Controlling Cell Motion and Microscale Flow with Polarized Light Fields
Tencent Meeting: 513-110-107 Time: 2022-09-23 14:30 PM
Wetting Dynamics in a Rectangular Channel
Location: Room 3-307 Time: 2022-08-10 10:00 AM
Reinforcement-learning-based control of convectively-unstable flows
Location: Room 3-307 Time: 2022-08-03 15:00 PM
The Molecular Mechanisms of the Mechanosensing at Cell Adhesions
VooV Meeting: 133-331-755 Time: 2022-07-26 10: 00 AM
The dynamics of droplet evaporation
Location: Room 3-307 Time: 2022-07-20 14 : 30 PM
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